The presence of man boobs is an important health topic for men affected with it. The legal name is gynecomastia. These are not the hardened male pectoral muscles gained from working out. These are the chest fats that resemble that of a woman’s. These do not have a direct effect on physical health. However, the social and psychological consequences have a huge effect on a man’s confidence. Its a social stigma that an afflicted person experiences and tends to lower his self-esteem. This reading is going to tackle ways on how to get rid of man boobs and important details you need to know.

Because of respect, people do not normally discuss this issue. This is a good thing because persons suffering from this condition might be too sensitive. First thing is first, people who have friends with this condition should not treat them as their laughing stock. It is a medical condition that needs to be addressed in the right way. 3 out of 10 males are suffering from this. In any situation, this is not a topic to be discussed to put somebody down because chances are, that person already has very low confidence.

Men cannot get away from the fact that they will have to do something about this condition soon. If not, this is something that is going to haunt them and will always be at the back of their minds. The worst cases of these can cause emotional scarring the kind of which will not heal in the near future. Maybe, the only way to deal with it is to get rid of man boobs. The curious question to be asked is ‘how?’

The situation concerns the massive build up of fats around the chest area. Glands also develop and add more to the problem. Fats are smoother and glands are more firm in consistency. There are 4 main reasons why the male chest area expands. There is one thing people should know about it. This condition is not only common among males with weight problems. Even skinny men may fall victim to it.

Here are the four main reasons:

The first are problems that happened during the boy’s developmental stage. These may cause him to experience reduced production of testosterone. This results in a hormonal imbalance. Eventually, gynecomastia will appear in this area.

The second are congenital disorders. This includes the body’s resistance to the production of androgen. There are other contributing factors like Klinefelter Syndrome to its development.

The third reason cites health problems that happened after the birth a male child. Some of these are linked to bad lifestyle and may result to kidney failure, various diseases and tumors.

The fourth and final reason why this problem develops is related to drugs, legal or not. Many of these drugs have this as an adverse effect. Dependence on drugs of any kind for a long period may contribute to this. The possibility heightens when the drug in use contain androgens, estrogen and steroids.

Males can outgrow this during their growing up ears about 90 percent of the time. There is a balance achieved among hormones and this eliminates the build-up. However, it remains a big problem for other ten percent who fail to outgrow it. At this stage, there is pressure for them to get rid of it because of the strong attraction from the opposite sex.

Their best recourse is to reduce weight with the strong aid of exercise and a healthy diet. As long as the cause is not genetic or a lifetime disease, there is a strong chance that they will lose the added fat around this area. But if this fails, the only way to deal with it is through gynecomastia surgery.